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South Sydney Liquor Accord News

In South Sydney Liquor Accord News Liquor accords are voluntary industry-based partnerships working in local communities to introduce practical solutions to liquor-related problems. They reach agreements on ways to improve the operation of licensed venues so that entertainment venues and precincts are safe and enjoyable. Most liquor accords include members from the local business community, local councils, police, government departments and other community organisations. The South Sydney Liquor Accord News Government is committed to having an effective and sustainable network of liquor accords across the state. To this end, our office works with licensees and local communities to enhance and extend voluntary participation in accords. If you’re having problems with the council or complaints, don’t go it alone. This is the place where like minds can meet to discuss problems and solutions. This Register, which is maintained by the Government Licensing Service, records information relating to licenses

South Sydney Liquor Accord News Accords online

South Sydney Liquor Accord News Various accords have developed websites to keep members, the community and external stakeholders up to date with the latest news from their accord, including information about the implementation of strategies to address alcohol-related issues. Accords that have set up websites include the following:

Below is a list of liquor accord groups, including email addresses for their contacts and websites where they exist.that not all licensing authorities provide or maintain terms and conditions link for public register. Not sure of the conditions of your license? Click the link above to find out.

All licensees and their staff who serve, sell or supply alcohol and/or work with gaming machines in venues are required to hold a valid RSA/RCG competency card. Licensees are encouraged to speak to their staff about the renewal program, and the importance of staff checking their contact details to ensure that they receive the renewal reminders.

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